About Me

About Me

I'm very hands on, and only really happy when I have a project on the go. 
How it generally goes is; I'll break myself doing a project by putting in too many hours, so I'll try to relax and have a break. But then I'll get bored, so I will start something else, become super focused, maybe even too focused, where it's literally all I'll think about constantly, do too many hours again, wonder why my hands are shaking while working, look at the time and realised it's way past dinner and I've not eaten and drunk.
I also love outdoorsy stuff such as hiking, mountains/forrest's etc etc. Also, I take my camera everywhere with me.

I've always liked photography, so one weekend after finding a film camera in an antique shop, I decided to teach myself how to develop film, first black and white, and then in colour.
Once I got the hang of that, I then had to come up with a way of scanning it - which I do by putting the film into a cardboard box with a backlight, then taking a picture of it on RAW with my DSLR. It works - very well to be honest (all my film images are scanned this way), so I've never bothered looking at paying many many £££ for a proper scanner.

Also, after going on trips in my mates campervans, I decided to save up and buy myself a van too - which I'm in the progress of converting into a campervan. I've done and built everything myself. Whether it's done correctly or not, I don't know, judge for yourself.


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