About Me

About Me

When I was 14 years old, I got my first digital camera. It was a Kodak M863 and I took it EVERYWHERE with me. I photographed anything and everything I could, on auto, and to be perfectly honest the pictures sucked. However, I kept persisting, slowly learning the camera until finally I saved up enough money and bought my first DSLR.
I still take far too many photos even now, cataloguing everything around me. So, I thought that rather than have those pictures just sitting on my computer for no one to see, I’d create a website to showcase my work.

For me, photography isn’t just something I enjoy doing. Photographs also help me remember – capturing moments that in years to come might be distant memories. When I look at a photograph I’ve taken, generally I can remember that particular moment with great detail – which is probably why I take so many.

Everything I know about photography I’ve taught myself – I haven’t done any fancy photography courses and I don’t have a degree in photography; I simply love taking pictures and over the years I’ve gradually taught myself how to capture pictures in my own way. I strongly stand by the belief that you don't need the best camera in the world to take a good photo, just an eye for detail and a bit of creativity.

I’m based in Lincolnshire, and so lots of my photos focus on rural landscapes, nature and wildlife. I love capturing moments that would usually go unnoticed, and often veer away from ‘traditional’ styles, preferring to put my own creative spin on things. I'm slowly getting into medium format photography, with a fully manual, Twin-lens Reflex Camera, which will allow me to broaden my skill set and create different style images.

While for now this site is simply a portfolio of my work, eventually I would love it to enable me to start selling and exhibiting my photographs as prints and pieces of art. If you’re interested in a canvas or print of any of my work, feel free to drop me an email at bytomedwards@gmail.com


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