Putting windows into the van

Putting windows into the van


VW caddy campervan side window install

Fairly easy to do, however not fairly easy to get a professional finish/beading. I got some of the sealant on my bodywork, so had to wipe it off quickly with isopropanol. I'd probably say I did a 7/10 job, it doesn't leak, but if you look close in some places, it doesn't look as good as a pro.

I did both side doors, one sliding window, one full glass. The glass, sealant kit and trim was from Camper Glass

To start off, I drilled some pilot holes and cut out the rough shape of the window, following the inner skin lip - using a jigsaw.
Then I trimmed the edge using aviation snips, cutting off the remaining metal, to get it nice and neat.
Once everything is cut out, all the trimmed edge needs to be filed smooth, with zero sharp edges.

Next stage is degrease everything with the wipe that was in the kit (basically an isopropanol wipe)
Prime all the bare edges of metal with the primer, and also all of over the door where the sealant will go. Then, once all that's dry, push on the trim (if you decided to buy it)

Give the glass a clean, with a degreasing wipe, and then prime the edge of that (where the sealant will go) Be careful not to go too close to the edge of the glass.
Squeeze the sealant onto the door (it helps if you've warmed it up a bit prior) keeping the bead constant and even. You don't want any breaks in the bead, especially at the top, so take your time.
Then pick your window up, line it up, and press it onto the sealant. Once in position, with even gaps, tape it up to stop it dropping, then leave for 3 hours (I left mine overnight) and pray it doesn't leak.

Campervan side window

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