Campervan cane webbing side Unit build

Campervan cane webbing side Unit build

 Building the side unit in the campervan, is something that I ended up redoing, for a few reasons.
First, is that I made it from poor quality shuttering ply - which ended up shrinking
Second, I painted it white, which I instantly regretted as it didn't look right.
And lastly, the cupboard doors were just a piece of whatever plywood I had laying around at the time.

Basically, it could of looked better.

This is it finished

And this is how it looked before....
The dark blue blends in more to the blue on the doors and dark carpet, plus it now matches the pullout cooker

So, first thing I did was use the old panelling as a template, (doing it a bit bigger to take into account for the shrinkage)
The new unit panelling is made from 9mm hardwood ply. It's loads better quality than the 9mm shuttering ply, and much stronger too.

vw caddy maxi camper build interior

One cut to the shape, I cut out where the doors would be and screwed it to the existing framework

vw caddy maxi conversion

I also used some half doweling lengths to glue on the back panel, and painted the rest of the ply in white primer.

vw caddy campervan

Cane webbing cupboard doors

I built the frames for the doors using the same principle of how a picture frame is made. I cut lengths of ply, at 45 degree angles, and glued them together. This by itself, isn't very strong, so once it was dry, I cut a saw width into the corners of the frame and glue strips of wood in the gap.

I also chiselled all the way round the inner edge, for the cane webbing to sit in.

Then It was just a case of wood filling any gaps, sanding down, priming and painting

I left it a day for the paint to fully dry and cure, and stapled cane webbing to the gap

attaching cane webbing

It was then just a case of attaching the doors to the unit. One of the doors is a fake door, so I fully attached to the unit, however the rest of them I fixed them with a gold piano hinge.
The parquet plywood worktop was built here.

Cane webbing cupboard doors

Before & After

Vw caddy campervan conversion interior

cane webbing cupboard doors caddy camper

Van conversion cane webbing unit

Campervan cane webbing

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