L-shaped extendable campervan bed

L-shaped extendable campervan bed


 Found this insanely hard to work out the measurements for and design it, simply because I made life hard for myself by making it having to do everything.

Quick info

6ft long (which turns to 7ft when including worktop)
Space for a sliding drawer at the back
120cm wide (when extended)
Can be made L-shape
Slats are 1x3 timber
Frame is 1x2 timber

  • The whole bed had to be able to extend, easily, yet the design had to have room to fit a slide out draw at the back.
  • Not only does the bed have to extend, I wanted an l-shape section which is able to pull out on its own, so you have a bit more space when sat inside. 
  • The height had to be high enough to fit a coolbox underneath - however not too high so that your head hits the roof when sat on the bed.
  • It had to be 6ft long at a minimum, and wide enough to be able to sleep two people, comfortably, yet still leave room to be able to build a decent sized cupboard next to it.
  • Oh and it had to pretty much be able to butt up to the cupboard at full extension, however the l-shape section needs to not be too close to the cupboard, otherwise you wouldn't have enough leg room.

It took a lot of sketches and measuring to be able to build it sturdy, yet try to minimise the amount of weight of wood. 
The bed is around 6ft long, however I built it so that once the foam cushioning is on, the seating will be the same height as the front worktop. This is so when using it as a bed you'll gain around an extra foot of space in length, making it roomy.

The slats slide in-between each other, allowing it to extend, by fixing every other slat to the same length of wood - its easier to look at the pictures. Then, for the L-shape, I just put that section on its own separate length of wood, so you can extend that part separately

Building a campervan conversion slide out bed VW caddy camper slide out bed

Also, I made the bed removable.

For the times that I may have to load my van up, or have to get to the parking sensor module.
Drawer out, then undo 6 bolts, and the bed is easily removed and comes out as one piece.

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